At WellnessMart, MD, we have created a weight loss program that gets results.

Weight Loss Program

Fat to Thin Weight LossWe use a Medifast’s 5 & 1 meal plan alternative, which limits your daily calorie intake and allows you to lose weight in a safe, effective, medically approved fashion.  Our Medifast alternative approach gives you the same 5 and 1 meal plan, but with better tasting meal choices and a much lower price tag.

Your results will be outstanding, and to make sure, we offer full support services including body composition tracking, medical supervision and encoragement and structure at no additional cost.

Medifast Recycling Program

If you have Medifast product that you have purchased that you’re not so fond of, you can recycle that product at your local WellnessMart, MD store. We charge a $0.25 service fee per packet.