Mantox Tuberculin Skin TestThe total cost of a Tb test is $27, no appointment needed and open 7 days.

The test requires two visits:

    1. the initial placement of the test and
    2. the test reading 48-72 hours later.

We will give you a test result form which you can give to your organization.
Need a Chest X Ray? – no problem

All our locations have easy access parking, and our friendly medical staff will have you in and out in no more than 10 minutes.  

 WellnessMart, MD – A One Stop Shop

Imagine sending your employees and volunteers to one friendly place for these necessary services.  They can do all of these services at the same visit.  No waiting(no waiting rooms), no driving around town, no sick people. We are happy to invoice, just give us a call to set up your business account, and yes we do livescan fingerprinting, too!