Body Composition AnalysisWe encourage our clients to monitor their progress weekly using our body composition scale.

Bathroom scales are old technology.  They provide the sum of four different body weights…water weight, fat weight, muscle weight and bone weight.

Lets say you put on 3 pounds of muscle and lose 3 pounds of fat.  Your bathroom scales would register the same weight, resulting in confusion and disappointment.

Lets say you are drinking lots of water.  Again, your weight will be artificially raised by water.

Our Inbody 230 body composition analyzer allows us to follow the progress of each individual weight….muscle, weight, water and fat.

All WellnessMart, MD locations have the InBody230 machine available with no appointment necessary.  In just 30 seconds you will learn:

Total Body Water 
Muscle Mass
Fat Mass
Body Fat %
Segmental Muscle Distribution
Basal Metabolic Rate